Mugwort Foot Soak


沖泡即用 | 暖足暖身

產品規格:10包/盒 立即選購


Aiaitie Mugwort Foot Soak

Foot soak for good health

Brew and use | Warm feet and body

Product specification: 10 packs/box

Aiaitie mugwort foot soak is made of natural mugwort leaves from the Dabie Mountain area, with Poria, dried ginger and other materials, which are finely ground into powder through multiple processes such as manual picking, screening and natural drying, etc. It is packed into a non-woven bag and brewed for immediate use without boiling, so that the heat effect penetrates more directly.

The brewed water is clear, bright, rich and mellow, free of impurities and not cloudy. Let’s enjoy the good time of foot soak and bubble out a good state of life.


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