Aiaitie Smart Moxibustion Box & Herbal Essence Moxa Sticker


智能輕養生 健康新選擇

產品規格:艾艾貼牌植萃貼10貼/盒;艾艾貼智能艾灸盒充電收納盒77*115*40mm;艾灸頭48*52*20mm 立即選購


Aiaitie Smart Moxibustion Box & Herbal Essence Moxa Sticker
Intelligent Light Health Care New Health Choice
Product Specifications: 10 Herbal Essence Moxa Stickers/box (77*115*40mm); Rechargeable storage box (48*52*20mm)

The smart moxibustion box is designed to be used with Herbal Essence Moxa Sticker, with the concept of "intelligence + technology", the smart moxibustion box uses electronic technology to innovate the traditional moxibustion operation and scenarios. The Herbal Essence Moxa Sicker can be used at the designated temperature to penetrate the body with small molecules of essential oil, giving the body a deep relaxation with pure plant energy. The two are used together, freeing up your hands and making it easy for more people to enjoy the soothing journey of intelligent moxibustion.


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